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How Covid-19 is Affecting SEO Companies

covid 19 seo

With COVID-19 now a pandemic every country worldwide has felt its effects. Countries worldwide are in lockdown to stop the spread of the coronavirus and to get back to some normality in life. Many businesses are in crisis mode and the economic effects are huge. It is evident that businesses are affected, and SEO companies are no exception. COVID-19 is affecting each industry differently. One of the main advantages of working in digital marketing SEO is most of the resources that must be used can be operated through the internet. In the business world, the organic search landscape has seen considerable changes over the past few weeks. Organic performance has plummeted in some verticals and there have been many knock-on effects on the SEO industry as a whole. Let’s look at how COVID-19 is affecting SEO companies.

From recent research and analyzing data on various sites the following was found:

  • The food shops online had a 56% increase in organic search. They also saw a massive increase of 188% in their organic revenue.
  • The micro niche e commerce sites seen a decrease of 25% in their organic searches. They also saw a decrease of 35% in their organic revenue.

Several types of SERP’s now feature Google displays in relation to the coronavirus outbreak

A very interesting development during this crisis, google search engine result page now features a new panel in relation to COVID-19. It gives users on the internet information about the virus. The content is taken generally from the World Health Organisation website, which is the centre of disease control, as well as the other government bodies. There is also safety tips and videos on how to wash your hands correctly. There is also a symptom section where a user can view the symptoms of coronavirus.

Wellness and health sites are surging up

Google has been cracking down on content that provides information and advice on things that are medical related and only looking for high quality content. Wellness and health sites are experiencing a major surge in the overall traffic and impressions. It is mostly caused by queries regarding the symptoms of coronavirus. There are many queries for natural remedies like essential oils and natural foods. Striving for trust, authoritativeness, and expertise with this type of content is more important than ever before. With people searching for questions on google it is essential the correct information is present.

E-commerce sites that sell essential items are seeing an increase in sales

E commerce sites has seen significant increases and surges in traffic and impressions. People searching online for products to help combat the pandemic such as hand sanitizer, thermometer, toilet paper, anti-bacterial wipes and much more. With the significant surge and high in demand has seen product shortages and has created queries online like hand sanitizer near me and toilet paper near me. Products like luggage and anything travel related has experienced drops in sales. Essential office products have seen surges and queries online.

E commerce SEO should consider creating high demand product pages, based on your traffic/impressions data and watch it very closely. If there is errors those pages should be crawled. Your content on those pages should be relevant and reflect up to date search queries online.

Ads spending

Fewer people are in business right now so more and more people are having to pause or cancel their advertising spending with SEO companies. If companies do not have the products to sell or are not selling their products, they will eventually have to withdraw from investing in google advertising. There are currently no changes been made during this crisis.

Marketing events postponed or cancelled

All marketing events have been postponed or cancelled. As part of combating coronavirus companies and people are avoiding large gatherings and crowds. Many schools, organisations, and other announcements that are urgent must have their schedules interrupted. These include events rescheduling, putting up new available facilities for test and medical centres, and complete closure of the facilities.

A dynamic change

It is essential that you understand as a business the effects that COVID-19 will have on your respective and brand industry. With all the data on hand and the relevant metrics, you can then improve and recompose your message to fit around your situation entirely. How the coronavirus will affect your business depends on the steps that you have taken to help improve and increase your website rankings. You may need to restructure your keywords on the site, your message, and your content. If you modify your content strategy for SEO then your brand might be in the position to succeed and strive.

On-site updates and optimisation

There are several consequences and changes due to the coronavirus. Having the correct metadata is more important than ever. If you had to close your business up due to the current situation then it is important that you update this information on your website. It is essential that you let your audience know this. If you are working in the e commerce industry and you may be receiving a lot of orders and sales on a day to day basis which can cause delays. Therefore, you should let your customers and traffic to your site know that there will be delays on all orders.

Websites for recipes have seen a surge in numbers

Several recipe websites have experienced an increase in clicks and impressions, but not as drastic as health and essential retail websites. This is likely due to more and more people cooking and baking at home rather than being able to eat out in restaurants. This is not possible right now with current COVID-19 pandemic. With the lockdown still in place, we will see more surges in the organic traffic to recipe websites. While working in a office workplace with others, we highly recommend using the best Covid-19 disinfectants on the market.

Travel websites have seen a mixture of surges

As a result of traveling being cancelled in and out of countries across the world, there has still been a surge in traffic and impressions. The travel industry is diverse with cruises, hotels, airlines all these sectors are being impacted.

During this time, it is important to focus on your business and adapt new SEO strategies to help during the COVID-19 crisis. A good approach would be to research keywords that are relevant to web users and what they would be typing in at this time. This will allow you to understand and make sense of the quick changes in user’s search behaviours and search interest due to the coronavirus global pandemic. The effects of the virus has affected every enterprise and business globally.

SEO Tips on How to Rank Globally

global ranking

With SEO, slow, and steady wins the race. Search engine optimisation is a slow and steady process and it can take time. No results come instantly it can take up to 6 months to see any drastic improvement in your website rankings. It can take years to build up the authority of a domain and the rankings of some pages. There is no shortcut that can be taken and there are rules that must be followed. The main goal of SEO is to get your website pages ranking higher in search engines such as Google. SEO takes persistence, dedication, time, and creativity. That’s why it is important to hire a professional search engine optimization agency. Nothing happens overnight. Here are some helpful tips to get your website ranking globally.

An essential way to boost traffic is SEO globally. It can help brands bring their products and website to the market at a global rate. If you are looking to increase your business traffic and sales, well you might want to consider international or global SEO. Globally ranking your website will help you extend and grow your reach to an international audience. Your reach will drastically increase. Global SEO can allow your website to reach international markets.

Keyword Translations

Keyword translation helps in the augmentation of your international SEO. When you are translating content on your website, with those languages and specific keywords you just conduct keyword research. Some of the languages in some countries may not be popular so this will guide you in finding the correct campaign keywords.

Keyword research is so important. Do your research before you start any SEO campaign. To conduct keyword research at a global basis you will need to take into consideration the following:

  • The chosen keywords search volume in all countries
  • Defining your business service into one or two words
  • Who is your competition in all countries?
  • For multilingual websites, always make sure that the keyword you have chosen to research aligns with search intention and a native’s language.
  • Any currently established rankings your website holds in all countries

There are several different tools that will allow you to check these on an individual basis.

Relevance is key

The main priority is to make sure you have content in relevance to the global market. It should have some value for your global audience. An article that provides positive relevant information to other countries is more unique. All countries have different needs but finding out how to fill them is the key to a successful SEO campaign.

Create separate URL’s and pages

For global SEO, separate URL’s and pages must be created for every country. This way it will allow you to target each country separately. You must create sub-directories or sub domains. The customers will get a personalised feel for all the countries.
There are several URL structures webmasters which can employ to target a country with their websites. They include a subdomain, a gTLD with language parameters, country code top level domain, using a different domain name, and a subdirectory.
Some search engines can interpret URL structures differently, so each technique has cons and pros, including the resources required to maintain and implement them.

Get backlinks

You must obtain global backlinks of high quality from dependable sources otherwise SEO would be nothing without links. It is important to obtain links for authority increasing from educational, national brand websites, and government. Study your competitors and this will help you understand the link building activity and your business will build the same capital. Websites can vary from each other; you must have solid links in place before you duplicate your website entirely. Find ways to build links from the language or country you are localising in ways for you to achieve positive results. Maybe look at using translators to build links for your new pages.

Go further than Google

Most people know Google dominates the search engine market, but there are still several other search engines that help you get more business and rank globally. Search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, and more. These search engines listed here are also very useful to position yourself to other markets and get customers that others are ignoring to come to you.

Become authoritative

Ranking becomes more competitive at a global level and scale. The shorter your keywords are, the more results are going to show for them. This means you have overtaken more websites to reach the first page globally. It is important to take into consideration a content creation strategy such as a blog. Creating and writing a blog will help boost rankings for long tail keywords which are a lot easier to rank then short keywords. Long tailed keywords with optimised posts can bring traffic to your website which brings customers to your website.

The potential of going global with SEO will be your biggest opportunity to gain more sales and more traffic to your site. It can be trickier for some of the bigger and more potential websites but a great investment once it is done correctly. The golden rule to SEO is to follow the rules and the results will improve drastically over time. Always do your research, learn, adjust, and repeat the steps. Search engine optimisation might break or make your site, but the investment into a marketing campaign will have a huge benefit for your business online therefore bringing traffic and revenue to your company.

How To Build An App For Beginners

Like with most great ventures – it all starts with a good idea – and this is more important than ever when considering how full app stores are. There is no point in spending all your time learning how to develop an app no one buys.

Even if it is beautifully designed it might still fail as there is a more popular alternative that people won’t change from. Trying to design the new WhatsApp is a wasted venture unless you are confident that yours will be a clear winner.

Where To Start

So, you’ve got your idea and now it’s time to start developing – where do you start? Firstly, you need to decide the obvious of which platform to design it for.

This can depend on a variety of factors and there is no right or wrong answer. If you are looking to make money off you’re app then it is advisable to use IOS. The Google Play Store has more apps but then generate less profit.

If you want to make your app more popular and free then generate revenue from adverts then you should choose Android. Paid apps have fewer downloads than paid apps so creating something free is a good start for beginners.

The Design

This is everything and can make or break a fantastic idea. You will find there are custom templates available for iPhone/iPad games that help you move quickly through the design process.

These are good for beginners or those who are creating several prototypes however it’s always good practice to write codes from scratch. There are resources available that let you know what is required for developing an app and Google puts all necessities in the public domain.

There are no restrictions on these packs so you will find yourself saving time and effort when you are learning. However, like with Apple it should be the goal to code the app yourself.

Download Required Tools

Now that you have decided on the platform you will need to register as a developer on your chosen platform. Once that is done, you can download the necessary SDKs (software developer kits) that allows you to create an app on the platform.

There are different ones for Android and IOS respectively with iOS using XCode and whereas Android uses JAVA code. Now you need to learn that language.

If you have experience with object-oriented languages then programming won’t be too different, but if you haven’t then it will take a lot more research!

How To Make SEO Keywords Work For You

SEO is a great tool for driving traffic onto your website and helping your business flourish. The right words and phrases will help grow the traffic to your site so you must decide carefully.

The research you conduct will affect every SEO factor so it is important not to rush through. Keywords are central to all things SEO and campaigns are built around them which are targeted to your desired market.

Doing the research will help you discover what the market is searching for and what their associated searches are. SEO research is the modern worlds market research.

Where To Begin?

This sounds great, but how should you start? The desired outcome of the research process is to compile a list of keywords that are relevant to your target audience.

Once you have this list, you will be able to start your strategies and brainstorming is the perfect place to start. Take your time to think of all topics related to your business – a call center would have customer service, a fashion blog would have styles, etc.

How Do I Choose The Words?

Now you have the list, search them on Google to see what suggested words follow your topic e.g. if you type ‘social media marketing’ it is followed by course, agency and strategy. These are all keywords that are so frequent they are auto-filled into your search options.

Google is an obvious choice so you should take the time to think creatively in how you search for them – try Twitter, YouTube, Reddit – any site you think your market will spend time on. Be sure not to brush past YouTube as it is a valuable source of information for many people.

Don’t Stop There

Once that step is complete you should take a further look into the mind of your market and there are tools to help you with that as well. Google has a ‘searches related to’ section at the bottom which shows you everything you’ve ever wondered.

Reddit is a great place for brand awareness and Twitter is the perfect place to get your name out there and keep an eye on what is trending. Wikipedia will provide you with keywords on every page and the list continues – dig deep and find everything you can that relates.

Is There Anywhere Else?

So, you’ve spent hours trawling the internet and you’re exhausted – but don’t stop – there are targeted websites that can assist you. One that is proven very useful is Ubersuggests as it generates keywords ideas and provides you data.

Google is a giant and will provide you will a keyword planner that is very reliable and pulls data straight from searches. It was designed to help build ad campaigns but is so versatile you can use it for anything.

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