How To Make SEO Keywords Work For You

SEO is a great tool for driving traffic onto your website and helping your business flourish. The right words and phrases will help grow the traffic to your site so you must decide carefully.

The research you conduct will affect every SEO factor so it is important not to rush through. Keywords are central to all things SEO and campaigns are built around them which are targeted to your desired market.

Doing the research will help you discover what the market is searching for and what their associated searches are. SEO research is the modern worlds market research.

Where To Begin?

This sounds great, but how should you start? The desired outcome of the research process is to compile a list of keywords that are relevant to your target audience.

Once you have this list, you will be able to start your strategies and brainstorming is the perfect place to start. Take your time to think of all topics related to your business – a call center would have customer service, a fashion blog would have styles, etc.

How Do I Choose The Words?

Now you have the list, search them on Google to see what suggested words follow your topic e.g. if you type ‘social media marketing’ it is followed by course, agency and strategy. These are all keywords that are so frequent they are auto-filled into your search options.

Google is an obvious choice so you should take the time to think creatively in how you search for them – try Twitter, YouTube, Reddit – any site you think your market will spend time on. Be sure not to brush past YouTube as it is a valuable source of information for many people.

Don’t Stop There

Once that step is complete you should take a further look into the mind of your market and there are tools to help you with that as well. Google has a ‘searches related to’ section at the bottom which shows you everything you’ve ever wondered.

Reddit is a great place for brand awareness and Twitter is the perfect place to get your name out there and keep an eye on what is trending. Wikipedia will provide you with keywords on every page and the list continues – dig deep and find everything you can that relates.

Is There Anywhere Else?

So, you’ve spent hours trawling the internet and you’re exhausted – but don’t stop – there are targeted websites that can assist you. One that is proven very useful is Ubersuggests as it generates keywords ideas and provides you data.

Google is a giant and will provide you will a keyword planner that is very reliable and pulls data straight from searches. It was designed to help build ad campaigns but is so versatile you can use it for anything.