How To Build An App For Beginners

Like with most great ventures – it all starts with a good idea – and this is more important than ever when considering how full app stores are. There is no point in spending all your time learning how to develop an app no one buys.

Even if it is beautifully designed it might still fail as there is a more popular alternative that people won’t change from. Trying to design the new WhatsApp is a wasted venture unless you are confident that yours will be a clear winner.

Where To Start

So, you’ve got your idea and now it’s time to start developing – where do you start? Firstly, you need to decide the obvious of which platform to design it for.

This can depend on a variety of factors and there is no right or wrong answer. If you are looking to make money off you’re app then it is advisable to use IOS. The Google Play Store has more apps but then generate less profit.

If you want to make your app more popular and free then generate revenue from adverts then you should choose Android. Paid apps have fewer downloads than paid apps so creating something free is a good start for beginners.

The Design

This is everything and can make or break a fantastic idea. You will find there are custom templates available for iPhone/iPad games that help you move quickly through the design process.

These are good for beginners or those who are creating several prototypes however it’s always good practice to write codes from scratch. There are resources available that let you know what is required for developing an app and Google puts all necessities in the public domain.

There are no restrictions on these packs so you will find yourself saving time and effort when you are learning. However, like with Apple it should be the goal to code the app yourself.

Download Required Tools

Now that you have decided on the platform you will need to register as a developer on your chosen platform. Once that is done, you can download the necessary SDKs (software developer kits) that allows you to create an app on the platform.

There are different ones for Android and IOS respectively with iOS using XCode and whereas Android uses JAVA code. Now you need to learn that language.

If you have experience with object-oriented languages then programming won’t be too different, but if you haven’t then it will take a lot more research!