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Prior experience: Student (Design)

I wanted to learn how to design and develop beautiful apps, but I never had the opportunity to learn the 'development' part until Codebase. There I got dip my toes in Swift, stand in it, and then dive headlong into the world of development. Max and Nathan are terrific instructors that push you towards the deep end of programming while making sure that you don't drown during this accelerated 9-week course. It will be well worth your money.


Prior experience: Graphic Design, Marketing                                      


Prior experience: Photographer, Musical Theatre

I joined the Codebase class with no knowledge of how to develop an app, only how I’ve used them on my own phone. My initial anxiety subsided as I realized they started day one at a level that I could understand. While the class thereafter moved at a lightning-fast pace, and there were days I pulled my hair out, the challenges were part of the payoff, and I had fun while I learned. The team building was incredible, and the instructors always willing to discuss my concerns. There is no way to express the pride that I had after two months to show my friends and family what I had developed in our final project demonstration. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to dip their toes in the Swift programming language.


Prior experience: Journalism, Media Production

Having never stepped foot into the world of coding prior to Codebase, I was daunted by the prospect of having to learn how to code an app from scratch with only eight weeks of training. But as the weeks went by, the flow became something I was familiar with, and that was languages.

Growing up in Montreal with Jewish Russian parents, I've had to learn French, Russian, and Hebrew as well as, obviously, English. At first it was hard, but after weeks of practice and putting it to use everyday in school and at home, I became fluent without much thought put into it. It's the same way I now feel about coding in Swift.


Prior experience: Student (CompSci, Law)

My sister and brother are both software developers. They do not build anything consumer facing, mostly back-end development, but what I am more interested in is continuing to build apps with really good user experiences. The idea that maybe someday my apps will be published in the App Store and help users really gets me excited.

I am glad that I got to join Codebase learn a totally new language called Swift. Swift and Xcode got me even more excited to learn more languages in the near future.


Prior experience: Student (CompSci)

I love that technology opens me up to new possibilities. I have met so many new people over these past weeks. I have done many Meetup's and Hack for Savannah. I have learned and gain different experiences in each. I even worked with projects at Codebase with different cohort members learning to communicate also by using paired programming.


Prior experience: Marketing, Professional Admin, QA Testing, Junior Web Developer

The art of turning ideas into reality is very self rewarding. Codebase has been a major addition to my current set of tools. The curriculum and implementation has been top notch. I will take away a new spark of creativity and encouragement to add to my professional growth that I will forever be thankful for. I can't wait for my first iOS app release!


Prior experience: IT, Freelance Motion Graphics Designer

I have always been a dreamer. I come up great ideas for apps and games all the time. Codebase has empowered me to bring some of these ideas to life. This is the first time in my life that the time, space, knowledge and tools have been brought together. I am excited about the prospect of seeing an app I built displayed in the App Store.

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