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Formerly Director of Admissions at Mobile Makers Academy in Chicago and The Courtauld Institute of Art in London, Aleshia is passionate about the unschooling movement and developing new models of higher education for the 21st Century. She serves as chair of the Geekend conference, Savannah's annual tech and innovation showcase, and is involved in the leadership of techSAV, a community tech organization.


Equipped with a fresh MSci, a single year in industry revealed the simple truth: chemistry is super boring. Turning away from industry he threw himself into making apps. Fifteen (self‐taught) years later he’s made some splashes with the indispensible package manager for Mac: Homebrew, and dozens of apps including Poncho which was featured on Apple’s Planet of the Apps. Dedicated to open source and creating tools that make building apps easier, Max gravitated towards education.


Not always a mobile developer. In fact, he entered into the field in a similar way and for perhaps a similar reason as you are now. After getting bored with his dead-end career in IT Support, and at the same time realizing he really enjoyed programming, he decided to make the switch. He discovered that traditional education wasn't going to get him where he wanted to be (at least not in a reasonable amount of time), so he sought out alternative forms of education and landed at a mobile development training course not unlike Codebase’s. The rest is history.

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