Developing an app is a pick-two lunch special. When you’re choosing a development team, you want them to be three things: good, fast and inexpensive. Alas, you must pick two. Which are most important?

At Codebase we make half the decision for you. We put quality above all else, so you will always receive good results. If you opt for a dev team that is fast and inexpensive, you compromise on quality, stability, and/or customizability.

We offer three tiers of services to deliver quality within time or budget constraints. We are able to take on both iOS and Android projects.


By opting for Apprentice-Level services, you are giving a recent trainee the opportunity to gain valuable work experience under the supervision of a mid- or senior level developer. Apprentice projects are quoted at flat rates based on the scope of your app. While rates are competitive, we require a flexible timeline and a fairly firm spec for this tier of service. Remember, we always deliver quality, and our fledgling developers need time to make the magic happen.

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Mid-level app development services are perfect for those under time constraints or if your process is more iterative. This tier of services is billed by the hour, and we will help you make development decisions to fit your budget. Mid-level developers are typically seasoned apprentices who have between one and five years of experience.

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Senior‐Level Consulting

We offer senior-level consulting and (on a very limited basis) development services if none but the best will do. Max Howell has more than a decade’s experience building mobile apps and has worked on high-profile projects like, TweetDeck, and Poncho, which was featured on Apple TV’s Planet of the Apps in 2017. Projects are billed at an hourly rate.

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Design & Wireframing

Don’t have a design team? Never fear; we offer user interface and user experience design consulting, custom asset creation and wireframing (screen-by-screen mock-ups) services so you can begin development on the right foot.

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Business & Spec Development

Launching a digital product is different from creating other kinds of businesses. We can help you hone your MVP (minimum viable product) and create your spec prior to beginning the development process.

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Backend Services

If your app needs a simple backend database — if you are dealing with data storage and retrieval, it probably does — we got your back(end)! We’ll set you up and maintain your data or provide you with one-on-one training so you can handle it yourself.

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Nonprofit MVP Projects

We’re always on the lookout for small projects from local nonprofits and philanthropists to serve as final projects for our students in the iOS Training Lab. In exchange for providing a spec (we’ll help!), allowing creative freedom and participating in an on-site “client meeting” and our demo day, you will be able to see many iterations of your spec before you spending any money on development. If you like a particular result and want to continue development, hire the team who built it or work with Codebase to bring it to life!

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